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From the Eyes of an Intern: Staying on Top in the Media Game

If you were to pick up a thesaurus right now and flip to the word “media,” you’d find several synonyms. “News,” “publishing” and “communications” might be among them. Maybe “advertising” and “broadcasting,” as well. But I can tell you one word you definitely wouldn’t find on the list, and that’s “boring.” Media trends change rapidly […]


From the Eyes of an Intern: Jessica Bains’ Inspirations

One of my greatest inspirations as a designer would have to be the almost obvious – my surroundings. I am always looking at the things around me or the places I go and end up finding some sort of inspiration. I feel as though I find myself paying attention to odd things like the shape […]

Shawn Kelley


And the future goes to…

Recently, I had the honor of presenting the Student Best of Show Award at the AAF Charlotte Addy Awards. The student work was very well represented, and there were a lot of excited students eager to claim that coveted award. (Who wouldn’t be?) Dinner was over, drinks were being served and this was the last […]


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