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The Art of Success.


The Art of Success.

There’s an art to letting go. To turning off the left brain and letting the muse take the wheel. But what happens when letting go literally means letting go?

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Nailed It.

Montana Lottery

Nailed It.

What do you get when you combine flannel, a guitar and a classic New Year’s tune? One of Montana Lottery’s most successful marketing campaigns. Ever.

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The New Age of Baseball.


The New Age of Baseball.

After years of inertia, baseball took a giant leap forward with players who were faster, stronger and hungrier than ever. To help Nike own this New Age of Baseball…

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Funny scores big.

SUBWAY® restaurants

Funny scores big.

Sports fans cannot live on cheese doodles alone. To whet armchair athletes’ appetites for Subway fare, we created a catering campaign…

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The Feed

Elizabeth Gaska


Hey! What about Tumblr?

Brands are all over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even Google+…but what about Tumblr? It seems that Tumblr gets forgotten in all of the social media chatter. According to Business Insider, of the 10,600+ brands they study, fewer than 25 percent have a Tumblr, and 25 percent of those on Tumblr aren’t active. Not all brands [...]

Christina Chu

Public Relations

HMH Wins Nine Charlotte ADDY Awards

We are thrilled to announce that HMH was recently honored with nine silver ADDY awards at the AAF Charlotte ADDY Gala.     Each of the silver ADDY awards represents long hours of dedication, creative passion and a whole lot of fun.  Below are our winning projects. – Crescent Communities – River Club Invitation – [...]

Website as Storyteller

As the web moves to a more interactive medium affording by the relatively new rules and features of HTML 5, rather than the brashness of yesterday’s Flash and animated GIF images, it is discovering the wonderful nuances of much more subtle storytelling. This shift is starting to manifest itself in unique and surprising ways; the [...]


Patti gets to have all of the fun today, on site at the Wacom Americas' photo shoot.


Nothing to do on Saturday? Perfect! Sign up for TEDxPortland. HMH will be there too.


Oakland Park, you've got beautiful blue skies.


Wish you were here…