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Welcome to Boyhood.

Boy Scouts of America

Welcome to Boyhood.

Skinned knees. Big hearts. Courage they never even knew they had. This is what boys are made of. This is the glimpse into boy-dom we offer through The Boy Project.

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Food Cart Review #7: Umai

Michael Pollan, the well-known food writer and journalist, believes that there’s nothing better than the first bite. The first bite is “the banquet,” a delicate unfolding of new tastes and textures that dulls with each subsequent mouthful. Each bite an invocation of the past, a vain attempt reclaiming the pleasure of initial taste. Eight years […]

Denise Hollingsworth

Brand Strategy

Brand ‘Bully’ Brilliance

I have a soft spot in my heart for Nike. They gave me my first job out of college and my experience there paved my career path and offered opportunities I likely would not have had without that company name on my resume. I love the brand. What a powerhouse. A brilliant powerhouse. The latest […]


Food Cart Review #6: Haan Ghin

 Tucked around the corner from the Portland State University library lies a quaint, wood-shingled Laotian cart named Haan Ghin. The cart was brought to my attention in a recent article by The Oregonian’s Michael Russell. After reading about Haan Ghin’s delectable, albeit limited offerings, I hurried over during my lunch break and obediently followed the […]


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