Most people only think about the power company when the electricity goes out and they can’t watch “Dancing with the Stars.” (You know, uh, just for example.) Through our “Powering Lives” campaign, we inspire people to think about Idaho Power in a whole new way. Specifically, as (gasp!) real people committed to serving their community.

The award-winning campaign, now in its third year, uses 30- and 60-second television spots and a robust Facebook presence to put a face on the utility, show corporate goodwill and open the lines of communication. And it’s been working. In addition to plenty of warm fuzzies, the work helped the company achieve a 279% increase in its fan base and nearly quadruple story nominations since the campaign’s inception. Perhaps most importantly, post-advertising surveys indicated very positive feelings about the company, and Idaho Power became one of the few power companies to use social media to positively impact consumer dialogue. Powerful results, any way you look at it.