Extra Know-How

We play in practically all category sandboxes.
And, over the years, we’ve dug a little more deeply into a few.

Building Products

Our expertise in the building arena is broad and deep. Whether we’re talking building components, the completed structure or the land it sits on, our experience in the category creates a smooth path to help move your product through the channel from distributor to dealer to architect to builder to homeowner/commercial building owner. And anywhere in between. Our knowledge helps you get the market share and margin you need to move your brand forward. Check out our infographic for an at-a-glance overview of our experience. See how we’ve done it for others. Then discover how we can do it for you.

Commercial Transportation

Reducing fuel costs. Enhancing productivity. Mitigating driver turnover. Dealing with hours-of-service regulations. We understand the nuances of the diverse audiences in the commercial transportation industry and the day-to-day challenges they face. Whether we’re talking to owner-operators, on-highway fleets, or vocational fleets, our extensive work across industries and audiences helps assure your message resonates and elevates your brand as the one that will contribute to success over the long haul. Take our infographic for a spin and get a quick overview of our expertise. Then review our work and case studies. And discover how we put our clients on the road to success.


People often say it’s the journey not the destination. But sometimes it really is the destination. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped our destination clients put heads in beds, cheeks in seats and their little slice of heaven on the map. The key to all of this destination matchmaking? Finding what makes each place a magical can’t-miss. Then moving people to discover it by telling a story that draws them in, piques their curiosity, and invites them to explore and engage. Whether it’s a mountain getaway, an escape into the moss-laden world of the Lowcountry or great (even not-so-great) stadium seats at a favorite sporting event, we inspire weekend getaways, leisurely vacations and second homes in unforgettable locales. Setting our clients on a course to their own amazing destination.

Financial Services

With more than two decades of financial services expertise, we know what it takes to help drive customer acquisition, reduce attrition, grow deposits and increase cross-sell opportunities. See how we’ve partnered with our financial services clients to create long-term and profitable relationships with high-value customers. Check out our work and the case studies below.


You might say we have a healthy dose of healthcare marketing expertise. After all, we’ve partnered with a variety of organizations dedicated to the well-being of individuals and communities, from multi-state hospital systems to regional insurance providers—and nearly everything in between. We put that experience to work to help healthcare organizations navigate the complex landscape of the evolving industry, build brand awareness and loyalty, and support ongoing initiatives, such as preventive and wellness services. See how we strengthened connections between people and providers, payors and specialists, to help move the proverbial needle.

HMH Expertise Healthcare

High Tech

High Tech. Such a broad term. So many industries. So many audiences. One thing in common: standing still, even for a minute, is not an option for companies that rely on continual evolution to stay relevant. It’s the nature of your business. And, it’s the nature of ours. Our experience in developing, supporting and building B2B and B2C brands that have a technical edge is a fixation of ours. Take a look at the business-building work we’ve done for these clients whose survival and growth is tied to the fast-paced evolution of technology. Evolve or Die. That about sums it up.

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