It’s easy to get used to things we see all the time. The empty wall in our living room. The small ding on the driver’s side door of our car. Maybe that’s why most, if not all, successful brands give their logos at least a little tweak on occasion–so it doesn’t become invisible—or worse–irrelevant.
So, I say kudos to YouTube for giving their 12-year old logo an update that more accurately reflects the brand today, yet retains recognizable elements. Granted, the change was probably well overdue given the increase in their service offerings and viewing platforms, but better late than never.


Brand Thought

A good logo has a lot of staying power, but that doesn’t mean staying stagnant. Brands need to stay true to themselves, but must remain current. So, be sure not to rest on your logo laurels. Take a look at your logo and ask yourself…will your target audience—today’s target audience– relate to it? Is it an accurate reflection of your brand today? Has it moved with the times? If the answer is anything but an overwhelming ‘yes’ on all counts, you may have some work to do.