by Megan Conner on Apr 24

Brand Bite – A Pleasant Surprise

This past March, as a part of Women’s History Month, Brawny redesigned its paper towel packaging to feature a woman. Outfitted in the familiar red plaid shirt, a woman replaced the famous “Brawny Man” to demonstrate that “Strength Has No Gender.” The campaign is an effort to celebrate strong and empowering women who deserve just as much recognition as their male counterparts.


Brand Thought

Brawny always has been about strength. It’s followed the stereotypical reflection of that by using muscular men to represent its brand. This gender-focused campaign is a culturally-aware, albeit brief, move. And it’s a pleasant surprise from a product brand that has firmly planted roots. And, we think the gal totally rocks the red plaid.

by Denise Hollingsworth on Apr 13

BRAND BITE – #UnitedWeAreNot

United Airlines is in a tough spot—and they did it to themselves. Clearly, the behavior of United representatives and airport security crossed many, many boundaries, but when your brand is wrapped around a positioning of customer service and positive experience (not to mention boasting a tagline of ‘Fly the Friendly Skies’), this incident and everything surrounding it was nothing less than brand blasphemy.


Brand Thought

Strong and beloved brands can and do recover from slip-ups.  (Do you recall the Tylenol tampering incident several years ago? Or the failed introduction of New Coke?). But the brands in question must respond swiftly, appropriately and genuinely. United did anything but. The lasting impact on their brand value, customer loyalty and reputation is an unknown at this point, but every move United Airlines makes in the foreseeable future better be smart, strategic and focused on bringing back the friendly skies if they stand a chance of a healthy recovery.

by HMH on Apr 12

HMH Agency Partners with Northwest Permanente P.C.

Northwest Permanente P.C. | HMH Agency

HMH Agency is pleased to work with Northwest Permanente, P.C., one of the Northwest’s leading medical groups. HMH will assist Northwest Permanente in becoming the region’s preferred employer for top-tier physicians, clinicians and administrators. Work will include extensive brand strategy consulting, research, brand positioning, key message development and a variety of communication assets.

HMH’s brand strategy credentials and extensive background in the healthcare industry were instrumental in the decision by Northwest Permanente to partner with HMH for this initiative.

by Megan Conner on Apr 07

Brand Bite – A Perfect Marriage


Luxury car brand, Jaguar, has partnered with Shell Oil to develop a new app that offers in-car fuel payment via the vehicle’s in-dash infotainment system. Currently available in the UK, owners of a few selected 2018 models of Jaguar vehicles (and soon all Jaguars equipped with InControl Apps) are able to make payments at Shell stations via their PayPal or ApplePay accounts. The app also locates the nearest Shell station and, after purchase, displays the receipt for the transaction on the car’s dash infotainment screen.


Jaguar Shell


Brand Thought

Jaguar’s new technology feature not only aligns with the needs of its millennial target audience, it also upholds the brand’s positioning— Accessible Luxury— by allowing drivers to extend the Jaguar experience in an exclusive and unique way.

by Dana Thomas on Mar 28

HMH is Movin’ and Groovin’

HMH is movin’ and groovin’ – literally!  Not only has the Charlotte team uprooted and moved offices (just a couple blocks up the road), if you stop by the new space, you’ll see some new faces.

John Howard | HMH Agency
John Howard joined the HMH team as senior art director. John has more than 18 years of experience as an art director working on accounts such as Google, Pepsi, Volvo Trucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and more.  Yup, he’s kind of a big brand creative. John is a graduate of Sint Lucas College in Holland with a degree in multimedia, graphic design and advertising. He will be working on clients for both Charlotte and Portland offices.


Carol Holsinger | HMH Agency

Carol Holsinger is HMH’s newest associate creative director/copywriter. Carol hails from Virginia and has been flexing her creative muscles for more than 20 years. She’s received international recognition for her work – namely from Cannes Lions and BBC1’s “Best of the World’s Funniest Commercials.” She is a graduate of the College of William and Mary and will be leading HMH’s Charlotte and Portland clients with her award-winning skills.


Lauren Dixon | HMH Agency
Lauren Dixon has transitioned into the new role of production coordinator. Lauren joined HMH in 2012 and started off her career serving Charlotte clients on the account management team. Now, a few years later, she’s honing her skills and focusing on all things project management, including creative and production coordination, digital trafficking, and media support for clients in HMH’s Charlotte and Portland offices.

by Dana Thomas on Mar 28

Julie Ditter Promoted to Senior Project Manager

Julie Ditter | HMH Agency

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the Portland office, you’ve probably met Julie Ditter whizzing around– corralling people and projects, working magic on budgets, juggling an infinite number of timelines and helping everyone stay on track to deliver exceptional creative work.

We are excited to announce that this Jill-of-all-trades has been promoted to senior project manager.

Julie joined HMH in the Portland office more than three years ago and since then has helped to keep countless creative campaigns and projects on budget and on time.

Congratulations, Julie.  A well-deserved promotion.

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