Jun 27

BRAND BITE – #DeltaDatingWall

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the new home to a #DeltaDatingWall – a wall that Delta Airlines has decorated with famous scenes from around the world. New Yorkers can take selfies in front of the images to appear as if they are at the location, and then post the pictures on their dating apps to playfully give the appearance of the jet-setter lifestyle. Delta even partnered with Tinder to host an event for singles to have their photos taken by a professional photographer in front of the wall to encourage this concept.


Brand Thought

Delta’s creative and artistic initiative is perfectly aimed at its target audience. Young singles are obsessed with taking photos, regularly use dating apps and love to travel, but are frequently too low on funds to actually do so. Delta has provided a unique opportunity for people to see the world without ever leaving Brooklyn, while also highlighting the fact that the airline flies to more destinations out of NYC than any other airline – if anyone did want to leave.

Jun 14

BRAND BITE – #savethesmalltalk

The weather used to be a neutral, small talk-friendly subject. Now, however, a casual conversation about the outside temperature can easily lead to a heated exchange about climate change, or lack-there-of. The Weather Channel is promoting a new original video that acknowledges this issue and encourages education through viewing Weather Channel programs. By watching The Weather Channel, people can learn the facts about climate change, save the small talk and ultimately have informed, civil discourse about the topic.




Many companies and brands stay away from polarizing topics such as climate change. The Weather Channel’s #savethesmalltalk video, however, is an original piece of branded content that appropriately acknowledges the climate change debate. The Weather Channel exclusively focuses on the facts of the weather, as they always have, giving them credibility to shed light on the subject. They are also not picking a side. Rather, they are promoting education so viewers can peacefully and intellectually discuss their viewpoints. Peace and intellect: now that’s something we can all agree on.

May 24

BRAND BITE – Spotlight on STEM

Verizon has recently launched a campaign to promote their new innovative learning programs that are helping students in hundreds of schools across the U.S. The programs provide free access to technology and internet, while placing a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers. The ad for this new initiative features athletes and celebrities from LeBron James to Adriana Lima saying “we don’t need more” people like them. Instead, they want young students to aspire to fill the vacancies in the STEM fields, as doctors, scientists and engineers.




Brand Thought

Verizon’s latest ad is a bold push for a unique effort. Instead of selling a specific product, the ad promotes the company’s position as a major force in the world of technology and innovation, while highlighting their own corporate goodness. With the unexpected element of the well-known athletes and celebrities encouraging children not to be like them, the ad is a refreshing display of brand confidence. In a culture dominated by celebrity, it’s nice to have the fundamentals back in the spotlight.

May 09

BRAND BITE – Record-breaking Confidence

Following Russell Westbrook’s impressive achievement in breaking the NBA record for single-season triple-doubles in a recent game, the Jordan brand immediately aired a celebratory commercial applauding the athlete. Airing directly after the game, the ad is a fun and energetic mash-up of highlights from Westbrook’s career, as well as the career of the previous record holder, Oscar Robertson. The Jordan brand’s confidence in Westbrook was also on full display.

Jordan Brand


Brand Thought

The Jordan brand’s timely ad proves that assuming an outcome can be beneficial. Their prediction that Westbrook would beat Robertson’s record allowed the brand to have the ad prepared for the time the big moment came. By acknowledging his accomplishment directly after the game, the Jordan brand simultaneously shows relevance, demonstrates awareness and subtly reminds viewers that Jordan products lead to the best results.

Apr 24

Brand Bite – A Pleasant Surprise

This past March, as a part of Women’s History Month, Brawny redesigned its paper towel packaging to feature a woman. Outfitted in the familiar red plaid shirt, a woman replaced the famous “Brawny Man” to demonstrate that “Strength Has No Gender.” The campaign is an effort to celebrate strong and empowering women who deserve just as much recognition as their male counterparts.



Brand Thought

Brawny always has been about strength. It’s followed the stereotypical reflection of that by using muscular men to represent its brand. This gender-focused campaign is a culturally-aware, albeit brief, move. And it’s a pleasant surprise from a product brand that has firmly planted roots. And, we think the gal totally rocks the red plaid.

Apr 07

Brand Bite – A Perfect Marriage


Luxury car brand, Jaguar, has partnered with Shell Oil to develop a new app that offers in-car fuel payment via the vehicle’s in-dash infotainment system. Currently available in the UK, owners of a few selected 2018 models of Jaguar vehicles (and soon all Jaguars equipped with InControl Apps) are able to make payments at Shell stations via their PayPal or ApplePay accounts. The app also locates the nearest Shell station and, after purchase, displays the receipt for the transaction on the car’s dash infotainment screen.



Jaguar Shell


Brand Thought

Jaguar’s new technology feature not only aligns with the needs of its millennial target audience, it also upholds the brand’s positioning— Accessible Luxury— by allowing drivers to extend the Jaguar experience in an exclusive and unique way.